August 30th, 2014

Nebraska Cops Receive no Jail Time for Stealing Memory Card, Despite Big Talk from County Attorney 26

By Carlos Miller

Omaha cops

A Nebraska cop who chased a man into his home after he had video recorded cops arresting his brother, confiscating his camera and later admitting to throwing the memory card away, received a year of probation this week after his charge was reduced from a felony to misdemeanors, proving once again that the system will always side with the cops, even in cases like this one where the prosecutor talks a big game.

James Kinsella was part of a mob of cops from the Omaha Police Department who chased a man inside his home without a warrant last year after the man attempted to video record them abusing his brother, a scene that was captured on a camera by a neighbor from an upstairs window in a shocking video that went viral.

But what took place inside the home was even more egregious, according to Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, who called a press conference last year to announce he was charging Kinsella with felony tampering with evidence – a rare move by any prosecutor when it comes to cop deleting footage.

However, Klein later reduced the charge to two misdemeanor counts of obstruction of government operations because the cop claimed there was no video on the memory card.

August 30th, 2014

NJ Town Introduces Ordinance to Ban Recording of Public Officials after Embarrassing Video of Cop goes Viral (Updated) 63

By Carlos Miller

It was an embarrassing moment for the New Jersey borough of Helmetta, a viral video showing one of their cops saying he doesn’t have to follow the Constitution because President Obama doesn’t follow the Constitution.

The video forced Helmetta police officer Richard Racine to resign from his part-time job, where he was double-dipping into taxpayer’s money while collecting a pension after retiring from another New Jersey police department.

Now the Helmetta borough council figures it doesn’t have to follow the Constitution either by introducing an ordinance forbidding photography and video recording inside government buildings.

August 29th, 2014

No Incident Report? Then Where’s Use of Force Report? More Violations from Ferguson 68

By Charlie Grapski
Chief Jackson reveals details in defense of Officer Wilson's shootings

Chief Jackson reveals details in defense of Officer Wilson’s shootings

Everyone who is paying attention to the incident in which Mike Brown was gunned down in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri by Officer Darren Wilson is aware that there is no actual “Incident Report” in existence. Well, more specifically, a week after the ACLU requested the report and was told that there was a report but it was being withheld because it was exempt from the Sunshine Law, they produced “an” Incident Report that had no useful information in it.

August 29th, 2014

Man Photographing Daughters Accused of Suspicious Behavior by Man Claiming to be DHS Agent 24

By Carlos Miller

gates family1409170451

gates family1409170451


A man taking photos of his teenage daughters on a New Jersey ferry was interrupted by a stranger, who asked his daughters if they were being exploited.

The photographer, Jeff Gates, was taken aback, but told the stranger that he was their father, which may not have been so obvious at first considering he is white and his adopted daughters Asian.

But that still wasn’t enough reason for the stranger to intervene.

However, the stranger later claimed to work for the Department of Homeland Security, which means he is trained to view anybody with a camera as a suspected criminal.

August 29th, 2014

Georgia Deputy Suspended for Arresting Woman Recording Political Meeting Open to Public 27

By Carlos Miller

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.31.12 PM

A Georgia deputy has been placed on administrative leave, paid, of course, after arresting a woman on felony charges for recording a political rally Saturday.

Nydia Tisdale, a citizen journalist who has a history of standing up for her right to record in public – and winning –  was charged with felony obstruction of an officer and criminal trespass, after she refused to turn off her camera at a “meet and greet” for republican governor, Nathan Deal and other republican candidates.

The event was held on a private farm, but open to the public. And Dawson County Deputy Tony Wooten was wearing his badge, but working off-duty as a private security guard, acting on a request by the owner of the farm to have Tisdale shut her camera off.

All because she had recorded a republican candidate make an unfavorable comment about a democratic candidate.

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